With the Defeat of Their Health Care Efforts, the Republicans Survived a Circular Firing Squad


President Trump did not bother himself with the details of Republican attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare. Never mind that repeal and replace was a campaign promise to his base. Wishful thinking guided his belief that, whatever Ryan, McConnell and the Republican House and Senate produced, he would sell it as cheaper, more convenient and better plan in every way than the existing system.

Well, you probably know how that turned out – the Republicans failed, repeatedly, to agree among themselves on a plan. They advanced bills that would have been devastating to the poor, costly to the states and ruinous to consumers. Would anyone benefit? Silly – of course. The bills were quite favorable to the rich, using funds saved by cuts to Medicaid savings and reductions in benefits elsewhere. Thanks to a public outcry and opposition from many business and medical interests, Republican leaders could not get their members to pass Trumpcare or repeal Obamacare, as they said they would.

Personal Survival in the Era of Trump

Trump can afford to ignore the challenge of a workable medical system, but consumers like you don’t have that luxury. Since you will be affected by what Trump and the Republicans do, or fail to do, it behooves you to pay attention. Or, if like Mr. Trump, you also find it all way too boring – and it is rather stultifying and confusing, you can always rely upon the recommendations of experts whose politics you respect.

Personally, I think the Republican Party and this immature and mentally unbalanced president are leading our country into despair, hopelessness and ruin. But, I’m an optimist – it could get much worse than that.

The Grim Situation

Under the ACA or Obamacare, medical costs for taxpayers have been rising and reforms are needed. The health (sickness) insurance rates for consumers keep going up, diabetes and just about every other disease is on the increase, the stock market could dive any day now and the national animosity of one segment of the population from the other is nearly at Civil War levels. The United States is anything but. United, that is.

The medical system has been designed to make money for the power players who control most of it. The system is definitely not set up so you can get quality care at a reasonable cost, enjoy a good life, learn what is and how to achieve optimal physical and psychological health or even derive satisfaction and enjoyment from life.

If you want these things and you ought to, you must improve your chances of beating the system.

Beating the System

Here are a several broad guidelines for beating any dysfunctional system Trump and the Republicans might in time succeed in creating.These tips will help you save money, protect and enhance your health and add to your enjoyment of life. Most of the tips summed up in a sentence: Live in a manner consistent with a REAL wellness philosophy.

Exercise. Set 45 minutes daily as an average target. Does 45 minutes seem excessive? It is, if you think mediocrity’s good enough. If becoming and remaining fit were easy, everyone would look good.

Surpass/transcend normalcy. Live an epic existence! Normalcy means you are overweight and aging prematurely, suffering from pre-or arrived diabetes, stressed, less than cheerful and worried about your health. Of course, this is not easy but you can’t beat the system with easy.
I just had a thought. Even though I’ve covered only two principles for beating the system and I have at least a dozen more, this should be quite sufficient. For now. I’ll provide a few more in the weeks to come. But, no worries – if you follow only these two tips, you will overcome lifestyle mediocrity and be better than normal.

Two principles of this magnitude should be enough for one essay, don’t you think?

For now, enjoy and look on the bright side of life. Why not? After all, with insight and resolve, knowledge, support and a little help from your friends, you can become less vulnerable to the transgressions against the public interest that Trump’s presidency and a Republican Congress represents and boost your odds of beating a ruinous system!

Good luck, do your part to become and stay well as long as possible and always look on the bright side of life.